Gutenberg Foundation

Motivation and Aims

The Gutenberg Stiftung or Gutenberg Foundation was founded in 2009 by the Förderverein Gutenberg e.V. (Gutenberg Sponsorship Association).  The starting capital was amassed in the Gutenberg Shops through voluntary work by the citizens of Mainz – over 100 of them to date.

Since the founding of the Gutenberg Museum in 1900 the commitment of the people of Mainz to their museum has tradition. It was always the local inhabitants who were the driving force behind the further development of the building and who also helped finance such projects. The Gutenberg Sponsorship Association and Gutenberg Foundation very much consider themselves to be part of this tradition.

Excerpt from the articles of association:

“The Gutenberg Foundation promotes awareness of the significance of the invention of Johannes Gutenberg and of its influence on the development of civilisation and culture throughout the world, the research, documentation and communication of the history of printing up to and including our modern forms of electronic publication/electronic media in both a technical and informative sense.

This support is specifically directed at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz as the preferred place of collection, documentation, presentation and communication. The aim here is to ensure and promote the international significance of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz.”

Download our articles of association here (German).

Administrative bodies of the Gutenberg Foundation

The Gutenberg Foundation considers its current prior objective to be to make a considerable financial contribution to the creation of the Gutenberg Museum of the future with the help of benefactors, patrons, sponsors and donors. This is on the basis of the new museum concept and the result of a European architectural competition held in the summer of 2015/16.

The Gutenberg Foundation is run by the board of directors. The foundation’s board of advisors and board of trustees advise and oversee the board of directors and reach decisions with it on all fundamental issues.



Dr. Peter Hanser-Strecker, Mainz, chairman

Dr. Birgitt Pfeiffer, Mainz
Dr. Annette Ludwig, Mainz
Walter Schumacher, Mainz