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The Gutenberg Shops will remain closed until January, 10th 2021. But in the meantime, our Webshop will happily take your orders!

The Gutenberg Foundation’s Office will also remain closed over the Holidays. We wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

Let there be Light in these dark Times! The Splendor of the Gutenberg-Bible

The gallery in the Gutenberg-Shop, located at the market in Mainz hosts an exhibition presenting the splendor of the Gutenberg Bible, honoring the most important and most precious book in the history of printing: Shown is a number of ornamental pages, based on the Gutenberg Bibles in the State Library in Berlin and the State and University Library in Göttingen - two of the most beautiful copies of the first printed book. The pages are precise reproductions manufactured using letterpress technique, illuminated by hand and finished with genuine 24-carat gold. Among the gorgeous artworks of textual, typographical and handcrafted beauty is Genesis, the Psalms, Gospel of John and the Christmas story. All of the Artworks can be purchased, some by pre-order. Gorgeous, lovely, precious Christmas presents that offer consolation and hope in this hard year. Not to mention the donation to the Gutenberg Museum.

25 Years of Volunteer Work for Gutenberg- The Gutenberg-Shop celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

25 Years ago, the Gutenberg-Shop was founded with the purpose of supporting the Gutenberg-Museum. Ever since, the small donation that is part of every single product sold in the shop, has successfully generated 1,7 Mio. Euros! 

In order to thank the hard-working volunteers, who are townspeople of Mainz, the Gutenberg-Foundation will host a "Thanksgiving" on Wednesday, October 7, at our new location, Am Markt 17 (formerly known as the Service Center for the newspaper,  Allgemeine Zeitung).

Of course, this is not only a celebration of 25 Years for Gutenberg, but also the Gutenberg-versary of Barbara Martin as the Volunteer of the Hour: Martin, who describes volunteer work as one of the pillars of society, looks back on 25 years with us.

The Press is kindly invited to notify us prior to arriving at the celebration.

Please send an Email to Anne Blicke  (

Reopening on May 19th

The Gutenberg-Shop, along with the Gutenberg-Museum at Liebfrauenplatz 5, reopen their doors for visitors and customers on May 19th at 9a.m. Please come, we look forward to seeing you!

Facemask and distance are mandatory but - everything is better live and in full color!

The Gutenberg-Shop at Markt 17 is getting renovated, but soon we will be back for you - with a big, new sales area of 200m² and all things Gutenberg.

Of course you can still order goods online in our webshop - or give us a call under 06131-220469. Or you send us an Email at any time at

11th May 2020


One ornamental page of the Gutenberg-Bible is finished: The Book of Isaiah

In deceleration, our Bible painter Dr. Julia Bangert could replicate an ornamental page from the Gutenberg-Bible: The first page of the book of Isaiah.

You can find a clip, about the work of our Bible painter on Facebook.

You can buy the page in the Gutenberg-Shop.

The page is printed in the Gutenberg-Museum on historical machines on rag paper, in black and white. Dr. Julia Bangert adds rubrication, gilding and painting. Like the medieval example, she makes a preliminary drawing, adds the gold and then concentrates on the painting. Like described in the Göttinger Musterbuch, she first adds the foundation, than the highlights and shadows. This way tendrils, leaves, flowers, two birds and a monkey are created.

The painting follows an example from the Gutenberg-Bible to be seen in the Staatsbibliothek of Berlin: The page is topped by two birds on the left and right side of the title. On the right side is a jay, on the left side a hoopoe, as a symbol of the thank given to God. The six lines big Prolog-Initial N shows a miniature of Isaiah with his attribute the saw. A four lines big Initial V marks the beginning of the Book of Isaiah. From both initials sprout tendrils, with leaves, flowers and fruits. In the middle, a small monkey climbs up on the tendril.

Isaiah describes the desolate situation in Jerusalem, which is marked by chaos and sickness – similar to the fallen city of Sodom. He proclaims the end of the Assyrian and the Jewish Empire. He is the first prophet in Israel to proclaim a future messiah. The Prolog by Hieronymus, included in the Gutenberg-Bible, is nowadays no longer part of the Bible



Deceleration – Bible painter in cloister

21st March 2020

Deceleration – a process many of us have to face right now. For our Bible painter Dr. Julia Bangert it is part of her job. Now Julia paints seclusion: initials, flowers and tendrils – fine ornamentation on the pages of the Gutenberg-Bible, printed by hand on the historic machines of the Gutenberg-Museum.

It started with the Revelation of John: “I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.” You can buy the works in the Gutenberg-Shop.

Despite all viruses - The Gutenberg-Shop keeps delivering

Now the concern for the health of all of us has reached us completely: From now on until 19th April the Gutenberg-Shops at the Museum and the Markt 17 are closed. Of course online shopping is still possible under

We accept your orders by telephone at 06131-90 60 110. The ordered goods can also be picked up in individual cases.

Our foundation office is manned from Tuesday to Friday 9am-1pm. You can reach as at all times by email info(at) or under the known addresses.

We look forward to your order, wish you all a good time even under these difficult conditions and hope to see you all healthy again soon.

Gutenberg-children's crime story nominated for the HOMER-Literaturpreis

12 March 2020

Our children’s crime story „Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern“ is nominated for the HOMER-Literaturpreis 2020! The price honors the best historical novels of the previous year. We are very happy to be part of the 11 nominees. In fact, with “Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern” it is the first time that a children’s crime story is part of the nominees.

The winners of the three HOMER-prizes in gold, silver and bronze will be announced in autumn during a festive event in Lamspringe.

Gutenberg-Museum and Print-Shop temporarily closed, all events cancelled

11 March 2020

To prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus the Gutenberg-Museum will be closed from March 12th until April 13th. It is a preventive action to protect employees and guests. The background is the high number of visitors: the museum attracts around 140,000 visitors every year, most of them international guests. "We hope to make a significant contribution in the interest of people's health", said mayor Michael Ebling.

Also affected by these decisions are the events in the Print-Shop and the special events for the Printing Arts Day this weekend. The easter printing of the GOOD FRIENDS planned for March 19th is also cancelled.

The Gutenberg-Shop stays open! We look forward to your visit - also online under

August 22

25 years ambassador for Gutenberg

We celebrate Gutenberg Foundation and Gutenberg Shop manager Zvjezdana Cordier’s 25 years of service to Gutenberg. In the quarter of a century under her supervision the three products initially sold in the shop have grown to over 1,000, many of which were created by her personally. In her time she has inspired over 100 volunteers to help out at the Gutenberg Shop. Donations to the sum of €4.5 million have been collected. The Gutenberg Foundation would like to heartily thank its manager for the energy, creativity, strength and perseverance she has shown in her dedication to her job.

June 21–24

Midsummer Gutenberg illuminations in Mainz

For many in Mainz Midsummer or St John’s Day is the best festival of the year. It’s also Johannes Gutenberg’s name day and, dressed in historical costume, we asked visitors to the fair what Gutenberg and his world inventions mean for us today both personally and as a community. Lots of Mainzer gave us some great answers which can be read here, among them Thomas Neger, Bernd Frank, Dominic Müller, Harro Neuhardt, Klaus Wilinski, Jürgen Schunk and many more. Many of them became members of the Friends of Gutenberg there and then. Thank you for this! You can watch the relevant videos on our Gutenberg and Friends of Gutenberg channel on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

August 13, 2019

Excursion to Darmstadt

Our day excursion took us together with the Gutenberg Gesellschaft to Darmstadt. Our first stop was the branch office of the Hessian State Museum for type casting, typesetting and printing processes. Here we first visited Mr. Gerstenberg, the last type founder in the world, in his workshop. He showed us among other things the casting with his double casting machines and the milling of the mats to the required length. We continued in the same house. Because also the printing museum operated by honorary helpers wanted to show us their machines and crafts. A trained typesetter told us about manual typesetting with lead letters, the handling of the typesetting box and image printing using the raster method. We also saw the setting and casting machines Monotype and Linotype as well as a stop-cylinder-fast press in action and were explained to us by experienced helpers.

Hungry, we arrived at the restaurant Sitte, where a three-course menu was already waiting for us.

The third stop on our trip was the Mathildenhöhe. Here we got a guided walk around the beautiful artist colony, which was created by the work of numerous Art Nouveau artists. We were even allowed to have a look into the "Großes Haus Glückert" and to convince ourselves of Olbrich's interior design ideas. At the end of the tour we went to the Museum Künstlerkolonie, where we were not only allowed to see numerous works of art, furniture and objects of daily use of the Art Nouveau style, but also an exhibition on the connection of the Mathildenhöhe with Bauhaus is currently being presented.

An all around successful excursion with a great group - many thanks to all participants, hosts and organizers.

June 15, 2019

Excursion:  "The White Gold"

A Visit at Artist John Gerard's Paper Workshop and Studio

The Friends of Gutenberg were fortunate to visit John Gerard's paper workshop on a beautiful day in Rheinbach. John Gerard showed the group how paper is made and presented us with his world-renown and prize winning artistic books. Furthermore, he explained the step-by-step process of completing the magnificent bible page reproduction and the gold gilded initials.

After eating lunch together in the "Cafe in der alten Scheune" (care in the old barn), we hiked to the famous Bruder-Klaus-Feldkapelle (Brother Klaus Chapel in the field) of swiss architect Peter Zumthor and thoroughly enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the surroundings as our sojourn came to an end.

May 30 - June 2, 2019

Friends of Gutenberg at the Miniature Printing Press Convention

Every 2 years the symobls of printing and the art of book-making meet at the Mainz Miniature Printing Press Convention. Of course the founder of publishing and greatest son of Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg, must also be represented. The visitors at the convention were greeted at the entrance by the Friends of Gutenberg, the Gutenberg Foundation and the Gutenberg-Shop - all of whom had a variety of Gutenberg fan products to offer as well as the new childrens' mystery "Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern."

Additionally, both the Gutenberg-Shops, one which is located on the market square and the other at the entrance of the Gutenberg Museum, are open for literature lovers during the convention. Parallel to the convention there are numerous events being held at the Gutenberg Museum which are related to printing and publishing literature and book art.

May 7, 2019

"There is still something to be saved!"

The Gutenberg Museum's Restoration Workshop

During the Friends of Gutenberg visit at the Gutenberg Museum's restoration workshop, the book restorer Annette Lang-Edwards gave the group detailed and very interesting insights about her work.

As the keeper of the museum's valued treasures for 35 years, she has been responsible for restoring precious books which are endangered due to humidity and moisture, mold formation or have been chewed away by silverfish.

The pages of the book are restored with the aid of a special paste and gauzy thin Asian paper; book covers are reinforced and supplemented with the use of wooden cover bands with tiny matchstick-sized pieces of wood and incunables are placed in perfectly, exactly fitted storage boxes made from acid free paper for the book preservation.

There is always something special to discover by working with such historic books, like embedded, hand-written information often found on the inside of the books' covers. The top priority is the storage of the book even though the question often arises about which priority comes first - leaving the old binding intact or removing the glued-in written evidence of the past from inside it?

We could tell you vast amounts more about our visit but instead, please come and join us next time!

Let there be Light in these Dark Times! The Splendor of the Gutenberg-Bible

 The gallery of the Gutenberg-Shop, located at the market place in Mainz, hosts an exhibition presenting the splendor of the Gutenberg-Bible. Honoring the most important and most precious book in the history of printing, the gallery shows a number of ornamental pages, based on the Gutenberg-Bibles displayed in the State Library of Berlin and the State and University Library in Goettingen - Two of the most beautiful copies of the first printed book. The pages are precise reproductions, manufactured by using letterpress technique, illuminated by hand and leaf-gided with 24-carat-gold. Among the gorgeous artworks of textual, typographical and handcrafted beauty are the Genesis, the Psalms, the Gospel of John and the Christmas Story. The Artworks can be purchased, some after pre-order. Gorgeous, lovely and precious Christmas presents that offer hope and consolation in this hard year. Not to mention the kind donation a purchase would make to the Gutenberg-Museum.

May 5, 2019

Gutenberg and his Marathon

The idea of holding the Gutenberg Marathon, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, in Mainz, is still very fitting for the Gutenberg city. Both a marathon, which expanses 42 KM and the Gutenberg-Bible, also know as the B42, have the magic number 42 in common since there are 42 lines of text per bible page in the Gutenberg-Bible.

This is not a coincidence, at least not in Mainz. Here the runners run one kilometer per printed line of the famous bible and, in doing so, honour Johann Gutenberg, the greatest son of the city!

In order to pay tribute to Johann Gutenberg, after whom the marathon is named, a photo shooting with Gutenberg sculptures created by Ottmar Hoerl took place in which all runners could participate. Each runner could have his/her photo taken with the Gutenberg sculpture and was given his/her photo as a keepsake to take home.

A very warm congratulations goes out to our Executive Board Director Dr. Andreas Barner, who won first place in his age category by completing the Gutenberg Marathon in 3 1/2 hours. We are very proud of our strong director!

This year was the debut of the pop-up Gutenberg-Shop at the runner's exhibition.

The motto was "Gutenberg runners wear Gutenberg!" and this directly supported the Gutenberg-Museum. For each item sold, a part of each sale is donated directly to the museum.

The Gutenberg-Marathon mug is available for purchase in the Gutenberg-Shop or at

April 25, 2019

The International Gutenberg Society e.V. Lecture Series in Mainz

Topic:  "Scandinavian Bestseller in the German Book Market - Analysis of the current Literature Boom"

Speaker:  Dr. Elisabeth Boeker

Why is Scandinavian literature so successful? The academic book scholar and Scandinavian expert Elisabeth Boeker deciphered the secret of the Scandinavian bestsellers - among them the novel "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder, "Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow" by Peter Hoeg, the "Wallander" series by Henning Mankell, the "Millennium Trilogy" by Stieg Larsson or "The Hundred Year Old Man who climbed out of the Window and Disappeared" by Jonas Jonasson. The lecture encompassed literary aspects as well as scholarly book perspectives.

The evening concluded with a brief wine tasting and engaging conversation.

6 p.m., The Kulturei, Zitadelle Mainz

April 11, 2019

Tour of the Scientific Library of the City of Mainz

As guests of the International Gutenberg Society, we were guided through the collection of the Scientific Library of the City of Mainz by Dr. Ottermann.

Many beautiful examples from the collection gave insights about the wide-ranging field of provenance research such as book plates, library stamps and hand-written ownership records which made these books one of a kind and give accounts of their individual stories, including theft, heroic acts and tragic coincidences.

Our warm thanks to Dr. Ottermann and the Gutenberg Society for organising this thrilling tour!

March 28, 2019

Children's Book Launch at the Friends of Gutenberg's Jour Fixe

The release of the children's mystery "Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern" was celebrated in the spectacular, cultural surroundings of the "Kulturei" in Mainz along with the authors reading from their new book and accompanied by the mobile printing workshop from the Gutenberg Museum.

During the afternoon, countless numbers of children attended the event to listen to both authors Regine Koelpin and Gina Edelmann read from their latest children's mystery. At the end of the event, the children printed their own Easter cards by using the mobile printing press from the Gutenberg Museum.

The evening progressed with discussions between the two authors and the Friends of Gutenberg and ended with a wine tasting that was provided by the vintner family Peter Dhom for the members of the Friends of Gutenberg.

The children's book is available to purchase in our Webshop as well as in select bookstores.

March 21, 2019

On March 28th we will celebrate our new book release at the Kulturei

Beginning at 4:30 p.m., the authors of our new children’s book will read from their new release, and you will also be able to print something yourself using the mobile printing workshop from the Gutenberg Museum. At 6:00 p.m. the Friends of Gutenberg are invited to the “Jour Fixe der Freunde Gutenbergs” to discuss the book with the authors. Following the discussion, the first meeting of the Friends of Gutenberg, “Stammtisch,” will be opened with a wine tasting from a local winery from Mainz. In order to count and accommodate all guests with enough wine at 6:00 p.m., we kindly request you to sign-up in advance for this part of the event at: info(at)

March 14, 2019

Our new children’s book has arrived!

The children’s mystery “Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern“ written in German by Gitta Edelmann and Regine Koelpin is now available in our web shop. In the book, the children Klara and Martin, who are the main characters, set out to find who stole precious tools from Gutenberg’s workshop. Additionally, the story provides the reader with a vivid description of the book printing techniques as well as the importance of this invention.

Our new book will be presented at the Leipziger Book Fair with readings as well as a printing presentation on:

Thursday, March 21st at 11:30 a.m. and Friday, March 22nd at 10:15 a.m.


March 13, 2019

“Small but powerful!”

Ulla Reske led the Friends of Gutenberg with great enthusiasm through the Gutenberg Museum’s miniature book collection. The topic ended in the library where Ulla Reske showed a wide variety of miniature books from the Müller collection, which were presented far better outside the showcase than inside. The selection ranged from the Koran and Christian prayers to propaganda from World War I and World War II through timeless decorative treasures. These were fascinating insights in the small but yet quite large part of the museum’s collection. The miniature book collection at the Gutenberg Museum is comprised of over 3,000 titles.                                      

Many thanks to you, Ms. Reske, for the wonderful excursion in the otherwise hidden part of the museum into the miniature wonderland of Mainz!

January 1, 2019

The Mainz city council has agreed that the Friends of Gutenberg now have free admission to „their“ museum. Our many thanks to the Mainz city council for this decision!

Find out more about the Friends of Gutenberg.

December 13, 2018

The Friends of Gutenberg met in the Gutenberg printing shop of the Gutenberg Museum for an evening of printing and mulled wine. The deputy director, Dr. Elke Schutt-Kehm, greeted the group with cordial words about friendship: The Friends of Gutenberg are the most important people for the museum and are well received by the public.

Our summary of the evening:  This group celebrates and prints fantastically together!

As consolation for those who were not able to attend – we will meet again to print next year. We would also like to express our warm thanks to Sarah Kremerskothen and Christel Schulte for their competent instructions, and the Haas family for the delicious mulled wine.

July 18, 2018

"Gutenberg-Plakette" to Günter Minas and Christiane Schauder

The Gutenberg-Plakette is the highest cultural award of the city of Mainz. On Wednesday, July 18, it was given to Günter Minas and Christiane Schauder. The two artists are highly established within the scene: Their succesful biennale "...3x klingeln", which regularly takes place in the artists' private rooms, crossover project like "Sommernacht Jazz" with Minas or numerous exhibitions and installations by Schauder have enriched the cultural landscape of the city tremendously. The award was presented by mayor Michael Ebling for "special merits for the city of Mainz".

Inspite of tropical temperatures within the city hall, the guests were delighted by thoughtful speeches, excellent jazz music and a little drink.

By the way: Minas and Christiane Schauder are long term supporters of the Gutenberg-Museum!

Congratulations and keep it up!

Friends of Gutenberg

June 6, 2018

The last few months have shown that the time is ripe for a new campaign at the Gutenberg Museum supported by a wide section of the population.  We have been privileged to see just how highly many citizens of Mainz are committed to their museum and that they are prepared to accomplish great things for it in the future. We wish to consolidate these strengths in the new Freundeskreis Gutenberg or Friends of Gutenberg association and put them to good use for the benefit of the museum.

The aim of the Friends – and of the Gutenberg Foundation – is to preserve and promote Gutenberg’s legacy and to campaign for a new, truly contemporary Gutenberg Museum.

Ottmar Hörl’s Gutenberg statues have arrived!

May 22, 2018

The town of Eltville am Rhein is presenting a new sculpture installation by the renowned conceptual artist Ottmar Hörl for Gutenberg Year 2018. The installation of over 150 serial sculptures is on show in the rose garden at the Electoral Castle in Eltville from August 18 to September 23.

Hörl’s Gutenberg sculptures can now also be viewed and subscribed to at our Gutenberg Shops. Each subscriber to a miniature Gutenberg automatically becomes part of the installation and can purchase his or her own personal sculpture at a reduced price. As soon as the exhibition has finished, subscribers can simply have their Gutenberg sent to them by mail or collect it themselves together with a chilled bottle of sparkling wine from Eltville.

The most famous book in the world is now available as a top-quality facsimile

May 17, 2018

The Gutenberg Bible belonging to the Göttingen State and University Library is considered to be one of the most beautiful existing copies of the first printed book in the world. The full vellum edition of the B42 is a bibliophilic and aesthetic gem of the first order and was included on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register in 2002.

The Göttingen Gutenberg Bible has now been produced as a wonderful facsimile edition by Taschen Verlag and edited by Prof. Dr. Füssel. The two volumes of the Bible come with an accompanying book devoted to Gutenberg and his technical innovation which rapidly spread to all parts of Europe.

You can of course purchase this fantastic work at our Gutenberg Shops and on our website or at any good bookstore.

Spring 2018

2018 is Gutenberg Year: 550 years ago, in the spring of 1468, inventor and media revolutionary Johannes Gutenberg died. To mark this anniversary several new books on the Man of the Millennium have been published, among them a graphic novel, a children’s book illustrated by Klaus Ensikat, a miniature book on Gutenberg and his most famous successors and a very good new biography by Maren Gottschalk. The Gutenberg Shop has also created a range of beautiful and useful anniversary products from cloth bag to 3D hologram card for a little bit more Gutenberg in our everyday lives. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Gutenberg Foundation regrets that the majority of Mainz citizens eligible to vote have rejected the Bible Tower extension of the Gutenberg Museum. Says foundation chairman Andreas Barner, “The foundation believes that a great chance has been lost. This was the first coherent concept to emerge in many years which would have allowed the Gutenberg Museum to fulfil its vision of becoming a world museum of printing. The implementation thereof and the further development of the museum have now been rendered impossible in the foreseeable future and the damage done to the museum and also to the city of Mainz is sadly considerable.”

 The Gutenberg Foundation is of the opinion that the city of Mainz – following a sufficient break to give everybody time to think things over – should invite opponents, supporters and others with an interest in culture and the arts and especially the Gutenberg Museum to take part in a series of discussions aimed at determining ways of further developing the museum together. The Gutenberg Foundation is prepared to take a constructive part in this process.

 The Gutenberg Foundation remains convinced that only a museum supported by the city, state, government and the people of Mainz can be guaranteed an adequate future.

Friday, April 13, and Saturday, April 14

Friday, April 6, and Saturday, April 7

Friday, March 30, and Saturday, March 31

On the Fridays and Saturdays in the run-up to the referendum the Gutenberg Foundation and Mainz for Gutenberg campaign group are manning info stands in the city on the planned extension of the Gutenberg Museum. Here you see us in historical costume. This is a good opportunity to discuss your views with us – and enjoy the mostly sunny weather to date. Come and join us for a chat! We’ll be on Leichhof on April 14.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Not only Mainz is celebrating the 550th anniversary of Gutenberg’s death; Eltville is also marking Gutenberg Year 2018 between February and October. The varied programme for all fans of Gutenberg includes printing demonstrations, an open-air reading lounge, a lino printing workshop for kids and much more.

Find out more here.

The "Mainz for Gutenberg" citizen’s campaign group

Thursday, February 8, 2018

During the crucial meeting of the council on February 7 the Mainz for Gutenberg citizen’s action group met outside the city hall in Mainz to campaign for the implementation of the full new museum concept with the Bible Tower.

Read more about the planned extension and refurbishment of the Gutenberg Museum on the Mainz for Gutenberg website.

T-shirts for supporters are available at our Gutenberg Shops for €10 (contribution towards costs, including a €5 donation). Here, you will also find our “yes to the Bible Tower” badges.

Referendum on the Bible Tower on April 15, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mainz’s first ever referendum will take place on April 15, 2018. People will be asked to vote on the first construction phase of the Gutenberg Museum extension, better known as the Bible Tower.

The question will be:

“Should the Gutenberg Museum be extended by the construction of the Bible Tower on Liebfrauenplatz as per city council decree of February 8, 2018?”

Further information on the referendum can be found on the Mainz municipal administration website.

Museum of the future

December 7, 2017

We have committed decades of effort and enthusiasm to the heritage of Johannes Gutenberg and the museum of the future. We say “yes” to the first phase of construction, what’s known as the Bible Tower, because:

  • The winning design is a good example of contemporary architecture
  • The building forms a successful ensemble with the neighbouring Haus zum Römischen Kaiser
  • The plans have run through all the democratic processes typical of a European architectural competition and emerged as the winning design
  • The funding for the first phase of construction is secure
  • The Bible Tower has the potential to become a Mainz city landmark, something many people in Mainz also believe
  • The Gutenberg Museum will gain an extra 450 m2 of exhibition space
  • Significant exhibits, among them the Gutenberg Bibles, deserve an extraordinary and convincing architectural setting and must be made readily accessible to visitors
  • The Gutenberg Museum can stay open during the entire construction phase
  • The Gutenberg Museum is a magnet for visitors and must continue to be a relevant factor for tourism and the economy in the city of Mainz
  • During the first phase of construction Liebfrauenplatz is also to be redesigned, making it more attractive and resident friendly.

Write to us, email us or post or twitter your views to us.

We want to know what you think.

Friday, October 20, 2017

In his interview with "Allgemeine Zeitung" about the premiere of his new cabaret program Lars Reichow argues for the extension of the Gutenberg Museum:

„Der Turm ist die Fackel“

GUTENBERG-MUSEUM Kabarettist Lars Reichow zur Kontroverse um die Erweiterung des Hauses / Plädoyer für Siegerentwurf

MAINZ . Ka­bar­et­tist Lars Rei­chow ist ei­ner der Ini­ti­ato­ren für die Mo­der­ni­sie­rung des Gu­ten­berg-Mu­se­ums. Vor der Pre­mie­re sei­nes neu­en Pro­gramms „Lust“ spricht er über die ak­tu­el­len Ent­wi­cklun­gen.

Herr Rei­chow, am Frei­tag, 19.30 Uhr, fei­ert ihr neu­es Pro­gramm im Gro­ßen Haus des Staats­thea­ters Pre­mie­re. Steigt der Adre­na­lin­pe­gel?

Der Adre­na­lin-Spiegel ist schon auf An­schlag, zu­sätz­lich neh­me ich noch Tes­tos­te­ron und Zink-Ta­blet­ten. Die Vor­pre­mie­ren wa­ren sehr wich­tig, aber mei­ne in­ne­re Uhr, die Bom­be tickt in Rich­tung Frei­tag. Ich kann heu­te sa­gen, dass ich mein Ver­spre­chen ein­hal­ten kann: Es wird ein lus­ti­ger und lust­vol­ler Abend. Viel­leicht geht auch et­was schief, aber so ist das eben beim er­sten Mal.

Mit Ih­rer AZ-Ko­lum­ne „We­ckruf“ ha­ben Sie die Er­neue­rung des Gu­ten­berg-Mu­se­ums mit ins Rol­len ge­bracht. Jetzt for­miert sich mas­si­ver Wi­ders­tand ge­gen den Sie­ger­ent­wurf des Wett­be­werbs, ins­be­son­de­re den ge­plan­ten Bi­bel­turm. Was läuft schief?

Mein er­ster We­ckruf in Sa­chen Gu­ten­berg geht zu­rück auf das Jahr 2012! Das ist lei­der schon fünf Jah­re her. Dann gab es das gro­ße Be­ne­fiz-Kon­zert in der Rhein­gold­hal­le mit Sven Hie­ro­ny­mus und To­bi­as Mann. An die­sem Abend ha­be ich ein weit­hin sicht­ba­res Zei­chen für das Mu­se­um ge­for­dert. Das ge­sam­mel­te Geld wur­de für den Ar­chi­tek­ten-Wett­be­werb ver­wen­det. Der Sie­ger des Wett­be­werbs hat un­ter an­de­rem den „Bi­bel­turm“ ent­wor­fen. Ich fin­de, dass der Turm ei­ne sehr gu­te Lö­sung ist für ein Mu­se­um, das im­mer noch längst nicht die An­er­ken­nung ge­nießt, die es ver­dient hat. Die Sie­ger­ent­wür­fe wur­den lang und breit dis­ku­tiert und die Um­set­zung schließ­lich nach sorg­fäl­ti­ger Be­ra­tung im Stadt­rat be­schlos­sen. Es gibt vie­le gu­te, sach­li­che Grün­de, den Turm zu bau­en. Die Hys­te­rie, die jetzt aus­ge­bro­chen ist, kann ich in keins­ter Wei­se nach­voll­zie­hen.

Die BI kri­ti­siert un­ter an­de­rem, dass das Pro­jekt nicht durch ei­nen ein­deu­ti­gen Stadt­rats­be­schluss ab­ge­seg­net wur­de.

Ich hal­te nichts von die­sen Spitz­fin­dig­kei­ten, die nur da­zu die­nen, den Pro­zess zu brem­sen oder auf­zu­hal­ten. Wo war die BI, als die Ide­en ent­wi­ckelt wur­den? Wo wa­ren die Un­ter­schrif­ten­samm­ler, als wir nach­ge­dacht ha­ben über die Zu­kunft von Mainz? Viel­leicht ist das ei­ne Be­rufs­krank­heit von mir, aber ich bin lie­ber zu­sam­men mit Men­schen, die nach vor­ne den­ken, die ei­ne Vi­si­on ha­ben und die ei­nen Plan ver­wirk­li­chen wol­len und kön­nen.

Soll­te man auf den Turm ver­zich­ten und statt­des­sen das Geld so­fort in die Sa­nie­rung des Schell­baus ste­cken?

Nein. Der Turm ist die Fa­ckel, die bren­nen muss, um die Be­geis­te­rung hoch­zu­hal­ten, die vie­le neue Freun­de und För­de­rer des Mu­se­ums an­lo­cken soll. Der Bi­bel­turm ist ei­ne le­bens­wich­ti­ge Mar­ke­ting-Maß­nah­me für al­le an­de­ren Ge­bäu­de, er ist die Re­fe­renz!

Ist das his­to­ri­sche Um­feld des Mu­se­ums zu be­grenzt für ge­wag­te ar­chi­tek­to­ni­sche Ent­wür­fe?

Nein. Es gibt vie­le Bei­spie­le da­für, dass ein his­to­ri­sches Um­feld sol­che Ein­grif­fe aus­ge­spro­chen gut ver­kraf­tet. Die Ober­flä­che des Turms ist so ge­stal­tet, dass sie sich her­vor­ra­gend ins Stadt­bild ein­fü­gen wird. Ty­pisch für Mainz: Nur weil ein un­ge­stal­te­ter, schmuck­lo­ser Raum in die Ge­wohn­hei­ten über­nom­men wur­de, ge­hört er noch nicht zum Welt­kul­tur­er­be.

Se­hen Sie die Ge­fahr, dass sich das gan­ze Pro­jekt zer­schlägt und man wie­der von vor­ne an­fan­gen muss?

In die­sem Fall wer­de ich mit mei­ner Fa­mi­lie die Stadt ver­las­sen und nach Lör­zwei­ler zie­hen. Aber im Ernst: Es wür­de das En­ga­ge­ment vie­ler Main­zer be­lei­di­gen. Für mich per­sön­lich wä­re es äu­ßerst frus­trie­rend, und für das Ima­ge des Mu­se­ums wä­re es ver­hee­rend!

Was sind ih­re per­sön­li­chen Vi­sio­nen für ein Mu­se­um der Zu­kunft?

Ich träu­me von ei­nem welt­be­rühmt­en Mu­se­um, das al­lein durch sei­ne Ar­chi­tek­tur je­des Jahr Mil­lio­nen von Tou­ris­ten an­lockt. Ich träu­me von ei­nem hoch­wer­ti­gen Mu­se­um, das die Ge­schich­te Gu­ten­bergs, sei­ne sen­sa­tio­nel­le Er­fin­dung an­ge­mes­sen, greif­bar und in­ter­ak­tiv dar­stellt. Ich träu­me von ei­nem Mu­se­um, das sich mit ei­ner dann viel grö­ße­ren Aus­stel­lungs­flä­che mit den Kon­se­quen­zen des ana­lo­gen Drucks be­schäf­tigt: mit der Di­gi­ta­li­sie­rung! Ich träu­me von ei­nem Gu­ten­berg-Mul­ti­me­dia-Mu­se­um, ei­ner Ver­net­zung von Mainz mit Gu­ten­berg, Buch­druck, Mu­se­um, Kir­che, Li­te­ra­tur, ZDF. Es liegt al­les vor der Tür, wir müs­sen nichts da­zu er­fin­den, wir müs­sen nur zu­pa­cken! Ich bin ein Gu­ten­ber­ger!!!

Das In­ter­view führ­te Mi­cha­el Ja­cobs.




Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Our chairman, professor Andreas Barner, talks in an interview with the Allgemeine Zeitung about the Gutenberg Foundation, the Gutenberg Museum and the planed bible tower:

„Am Ende ist der Turm eine Frage des Geschmacks – das wird es immer geben“, sagt Barner. Ihn hat der Entwurf überzeugt. Sowohl architektonisch, als auch inhaltlich. „Der Entwurf beeindruckt mich. Allein die Idee dieser bronzenen Außenhaut aus Lettern finde ich faszinierend“, sagt Barner. Dass der Turm das berühmteste Ausstellungsstück des Museums, die Gutenberg-Bibel, beherbergen soll, überzeugt ihn: „In den meisten Museen gibt es nur wenige Stücke, die die Besucher unbedingt sehen wollen, wenn sie vielleicht nur eine Stunde Zeit haben. Im Gutenberg-Museum ist es die Bibel. Wenn wir es jetzt schaffen, dafür mit dem Turm ein Wahrzeichen zu schaffen, bekommt die Bibel die Aufmerksamkeit, die sie verdient. Wir brauchen ein klares Zeichen“, ist Barner überzeugt.



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mainz' citizens gather everey third tuesday of the month in front of the Gutenberg Museum to show their commitment to the new bible tower.

The bible tower with it's outer skin of letters will become the new treasure room of the museum, containing it's most treasurable exhibits: the Gutenbergs Bibles. Moreover the tower will be emblem, signboard, logo for one of the oldest museums of the book and printing.



Saturday, August 26, 2017

In front of the Gutenberg Museum the city of Mainz informs it's citizens about the architectual plans for the museum. Lively debate is going on with head of the building department Marianne Grosse, Director of the Gutenberg Museum Dr. Annette Ludwig and Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Barner and Eckart Helfferich from the Gutenberg Foundation.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Citizens of Mainz gather in front of the Gutenberg Museum to show theier commitment to the bible tower. Despite bad weather more than 50 people came. We hope for more followers at the upcoming appointments every third tuesday of the month.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mainz in a spin … The latest fad from the USA, the fidget spinner, is now available in our My Mainz edition. Easy to handle, it has people of all ages absolutely fascinated. Our version of the trendsetter is available in the Mainz colours of red and white, printed with the words “Mein Mainz spinnt” (“Mainz in a spin …”).

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Well-known music publisher Dr. Peter Hanser-Strecker has asked for donations to be made to the Gutenberg Foundation on the occasion of his 75th birthday. Instead of the usual porcelain artefacts and other typical gifts given on such birthdays €17,575.75 – rounded up by the jubilarian himself – were collected for the Gutenberg Museum, a hefty and much-needed sum for the Gutenberg Museum of the future.


Commitment to a good cause and celebrating a big birthday form a wonderful symbiosis. The Gutenberg Foundation can therefore only urge others to follow Dr. Hanser-Strecker’s example!


Tuesday, July 1, 2017

Die Bürgerinitiative "Mainz für Gutenberg" setzt mit einer Blitzdemo ein Zeichen: für die geplanten Renovierungen am Gutenberg-Museum und für den Bibelturm. Die Initiative wirbt für das umstrittene Bauwerk, das künftig weithin sichtbares Markenzeichen unseres Museums werden soll.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

New in: kid's stuff from the My Mainz Edition like baby body, shirt, bib and dummy "Meenzer Bub" and "Meenzer Meedsche".

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Gutenberg Foundation has a new chairman of the board of directors and a new treasurer. We warmly welcome Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Barner and Ralf Hauck as new members of the board!

Tuesday, March 22, 2017

At last: the Mainz Gutenberg Bible (Shuckburgh copy) is now available as a miniature book in a complete, two-volume edition with gold embossing and gilt edges and presented in a slip case. The most famous book in the world is now yours to keep or present as a very special gift.

Our new webshop is now online!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The new Gutenberg Webshop was a spontaneous Christmas present from the media machine creative design agency to mark the benefit gig featuring Lars Reichow, Tobias Mann and Sven Hieronymus in December 2012. Countless hours of voluntary work by designers, photographers, copywriters, translators and members of the Gutenberg Association were subsequently invested in the new online store which went live in the summer of 2016.

Tuesday, Oktober 11, 2016

Unusual, in style and educational

Our new Memo-G game uses 12 great „scripts“ of the last 600 years – an ideal gift for children and adults and for typographers.

Designed by Stefan Matlik for the Gutenberg-Museum.