Donations, endowments, foundations and sponsorship

There are several ways to make a donation under German foundation law. You can make a simple restricted or unrestricted donation, sponsor a specific cause, make an endowment or even set up your own dependent foundation.

The type of donation usually very much depends on the personal motivation of the benefactor. Donations are always marked by a specific trust the donor has in the foundation and the purpose of the foundation. We would be happy to advise you on the various ways you can help support the Gutenberg Foundation.

The basis options are:


  1. Unrestricted donations:
    Your donation shall be used where it is most needed. This is decided by the foundation board and museum management.
  2. Restricted donations:
    Here, you yourself decide how your donation is to be used: for example, to fund acquisitions or current exhibitions at the museum. It can also be pooled with other similar donations to help implement a larger project, such as the extension and conversion of the Gutenberg Museum of the future.
    The purpose for which your donation is intended must be clearly stated on your donation pledge.
    We would be happy to inform you about the various options.
  3. Donations in kind:
    Donations in kind are services or items required for the work of the museum. This could also include the donation of an exhibit, for instance.

Regular donations:

Join our steadily growing Gutenberg community by becoming a regular benefactor! You will receive periodic information on our work and privileged invitations to special Gutenberg events.
Regular income from donations gives us continuous scope to act and allows us to make a spontaneous commitment to current events or in situations which require a quick reaction.

Fill in and print out our donations pledge form.

Endowments, foundations:

  1. With your financial contribution you can directly add to our foundation capital or, with greater amounts, set up your own dependent foundation under the management of the Gutenberg Foundation. If you wish, this can bear your name or remain anonymous.
  2. It is also possible to make an endowment in kind only or combine a financial endowment with the endowment of an item. For example, you may want to donate a rare collection and at the same time provide the financial means for research or the conservatory care of the collection.  These options are also possible as a dependent foundation under the aegis of the Gutenberg Foundation.

Fill in and print out our donations pledge form.


You can sponsor a specific cause defined by you together with us and the museum management.

The board and managing director of the Gutenberg Foundation would be happy to arrange a personal and confidential appointment with you.


You can reach us by phone from Tuesday to Friday (9 am–1 pm)
and by appointment on +49 6131 9060110 or by email at info(at)

Whether you wish to make a donation or an endowment: every little bit helps!